National Dishes Around the World: A Guide that Celebrates Our Customers

Last updated on June 11th, 2024 at 08:25 am

Our team at Remitly has created a series that celebrates the cuisine and traditions of our customers worldwide. These national dishes from different countries represent many of our global customers.

How to Use This Guide

Use this guide as a starting point for exploring more about the national dishes of some of our global customers. Refer to the complete list of all the national dishes that are part of this series at the end of this post, or use the table of contents as your navigation.

Featured National Dishes

Explore foods from the Middle East, Africa, the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Meet Kibbeh: The National Dish of Lebanon

This exquisite meal, consisting of finely ground meat and bulgur wheat, is a staple in Lebanese cuisine, reflecting the country’s love for flavors and meticulous preparation. Kibbeh can be enjoyed in various forms, each telling a story of Lebanon’s culinary evolution and the mingling of different cultural influences.

Fondue: The Warm Embrace of Switzerland

In the heart of Europe lies Switzerland, a country renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and the warm, communal experience of Fondue. This dish, often enjoyed with friends and family, symbolizes the Swiss spirit of unity and hospitality. Read more about Fondue.

Ugali: The Staple of Kenya

Venture to the vibrant nation of Kenya, where Ugali, a simple yet profound dish, holds a place in every Kenyan’s heart. Made from maize flour and water, this versatile staple accompanies a variety of dishes, from vegetables to meats, symbolizing the resilience of the Kenyan people. Discover the essence of Ugali.

Ackee and Saltfish: The Flavor of Jamaica

Jamaica, an island nation pulsating with life and color, offers a national dish as vibrant as its culture: Ackee and Saltfish. This savory blend of the local ackee fruit and salted cod, often accompanied by dumplings or breadfruit, is a celebration of Jamaica’s history and diversity. Learn more about Ackee and Saltfish.

Dholl Puri: The Comfort Food of Mauritius

This delectable wheat bread, stuffed with ground yellow split peas, is the epitome of Mauritian comfort food. Served with bean curry or chutney, Dholl Puri is a reflection of the island’s multicultural mosaic. Read about Dholl Puri’s rich heritage.

Shuwa: The Delicacy of Oman

In Oman, the tradition of Shuwa is a testament to the country’s hospitality and communal spirit. This dish involves marinating meat in a blend of spices, then slow-cooking it in a pit for up to two days. Uncover the secrets of Shuwa.

Romazava: The Heart of Madagascar

Madagascar, an island of unique biodiversity, introduces Romazava as its national dish. This hearty stew, made with beef and a variety of greens, embodies the essence of Malagasy cuisine. Learn more about Romazava.

Jollof Rice: The Pride of Nigeria

This bold, flavorful dish, made with rice, tomatoes, onions, and a blend of spices, is the subject of national pride and friendly rivalry among West African countries. Jollof Rice is not just a dish; it’s a celebration of Nigerian creativity, community, and the joy of shared meals Dive into the world of Jollof Rice.

Pho: Vietnam’s Bowl of Comfort

Pho offers a comforting embrace with its aromatic broth and tender noodles. This beloved dish, a harmonious blend of spices, herbs, and meats, encapsulates the essence of Vietnamese culinary tradition. Learn more about Pho.

Paella: Spain’s Coastal Symphony

From the sun-drenched shores of Spain comes Paella, a dish as colorful and diverse as the country itself. This culinary masterpiece, with its saffron-hued rice, succulent seafood, and bold flavors, captures the spirit of Spanish festivities. Read on to learn more about Paella and how to make your own.

Sushi: Japan’s Artful Delight

Japan, a country where tradition meets innovation, offers the world Sushi, a testament to minimalist beauty and precision. This exquisite combination of vinegared rice and fresh seafood, often garnished with a touch of wasabi and soy sauce, reflects the Japanese pursuit of perfection and harmony. Dive into how to make sushi.

Empanadas: The National Dish of Chile

Flavors of Heritage: Latin Elderly Woman Preparing Chilean Baked Beef Empanadas in the Warmth of Her Home Kitchen

These delightful pastries, traditionally stuffed with a savory mixture of minced meat, onions, olives, and hard-boiled eggs, encased in a buttery, flaky dough, are a staple at family gatherings and festive celebrations in Chile. Visit our guide to learn more.

Meet Feijoada from Brazil

This hearty dish is a symphony of black beans and a variety of meats, slow-cooked to perfection, often accompanied by rice, collard greens, farofa (toasted cassava flour), and a slice of orange to cut through the richness. Get a classic recipe here.

Pupusas: The Heart of El Salvador

These thick, handmade corn tortillas are stuffed with a variety of fillings, such as cheese, beans, pork, or loroco (a native flower), then griddled to golden perfection. Originating from the Pipil tribes of El Salvador, pupusas have transcended centuries, becoming a symbol of national pride and unity. Learn more about Pupusas.

Fish and Chips in the U.K.

Fish and chips is a quintessential British classic, a dish that has come to symbolize the comfort of English cuisine. This beloved meal consists of battered and deep-fried fish, traditionally cod or haddock, served alongside a generous portion of hot, crispy chips also known as french fries.

South Korean Bibimbap: Your Guide to the Iconic Dish

This visually appealing dish consists of a bed of warm rice topped with an array of meticulously arranged ingredients: julienned vegetables, a variety of meats (often beef), a sunny-side-up egg, and gochujang (Korean chili paste) for a spicy kick. The ingredients are mixed together right before eating, creating a delightful medley of flavors and textures that stimulate the senses. Get the full recipe here.

Explore More National Dishes

These dishes are represented with full recipes, history, and photos at each link.

156 Dishes from Different Countries: List with Links

Country National Dish
Afghanistan Kabuli Palao
Albania Tavë Kosi
Algeria Couscous
Angola Muamba de Galinha
Antigua and Barbuda Fungee and Pepperpot
Argentina Asado
Armenia Khorovats
Australia Vegemite on Toast
Austria Wiener Schnitzel
Bahamas Conch Salad
Bahrain Machboos
Bangladesh Hilsa Fish
Barbados Cou-Cou and Flying Fish
Belgium Belgian Waffles
Belize Rice and Beans
Benin Pâte de Maïs
Bhutan Ema Datshi
Bolivia Salteñas
Bosnia and Herzegovina Cevapi
Brazil Feijoada
Brunei Ambuyat
Burkina Faso Fufu
Burundi Ibiharage
Cameroon Ndole
Canada Poutine
Cape Verde Cachupa
Central African Republic Muamba
Chad Boule
Chile Empanadas
China Peking Duck
Comoros Langouste a la Vanille
Congo Kwanga
Costa Rica Gallo Pinto
Croatia Peka
Cyprus Meze
Czech Republic Svíčková
Democratic Republic of the Congo Kwanga
Denmark Smørrebrød
Djibouti Skoudehkaris
Dominican Republic Sancocho
Ecuador Fanesca
Egypt Koshari
El Salvador Pupusa
Equatorial Guinea Chicken Muamba
Estonia Verivorst
Eswatini (Swaziland) Emasi Emabele
Ethiopia Injera
Fiji Kokoda
Finland Karjalanpiirakka
France Escargots de Bourgogne
Gabon Nyembwe Chicken
Gambia Domoda
Germany Sauerkraut and Sausages
Ghana Jollof Rice
Guatemala Pepián
Guinea-Bissau Jollof Rice
Guyana Pepperpot
Haiti Griot
Honduras Baleada
Hungary Goulash
Iceland Hangikjöt
India Biryani
Iraq Tepsi Baytinijan
Ireland Irish Stew
Israel Falafel
Italy Pizza
Jamaica Ackee and Saltfish
Japan Sushi
Jordan Mansaf
Kazakhstan Beshbarmak
Kenya Ugali
Kiribati Palusami
Kosovo Flija
Kuwait Machboos
Kyrgyzstan Beshbarmak
Laos Larb
Latvia Grey Peas and Bacon
Lebanon Kibbeh
Liberia Jollof Rice
Libya Couscous
Lithuania Cepelinai
Luxembourg Judd mat Gaardebounen
Madagascar Romazava
Malawi Nsima
Mauritius Dholl Puri
Mexico Tacos
Micronesia Chicken Kelaguen
Moldova Mămăligă
Monaco Barbagiuan
Mongolia Buuz
Montenegro Njeguški Pršut
Morocco Couscous
Mozambique Piri Piri Chicken
Myanmar (Burma) Mohinga
Nepal Dal Bhat
New Zealand Hangi
Nicaragua Gallo Pinto
Nigeria Jollof Rice
North Korea Kimchi
Norway Rakfisk
Oman Shuwa
Pakistan Biryani
Panama Sancocho
Papua New Guinea Mumu
Paraguay Sopa Paraguaya
Peru Ceviche
Philippines Adobo
Poland Pierogi
Portugal Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá
Qatar Machbūs
Romania Sarmale
Russia Borscht
Samoa Palusami
San Marino Torta Tre Monti
Sao Tome and Principe Calulu
Saudi Arabia Kabsa
Senegal Thieboudienne
Serbia Ćevapi
Seychelles Curry
Sierra Leone Jollof Rice
Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice
Slovakia Bryndzové Halušky
Slovenia Potica
South Africa Bobotie
South Korea Bibimbap
Spain Paella
Sri Lanka Rice and Curry
Sudan Ful Medames
Suriname Roti
Sweden Köttbullar
Switzerland Fondue
Syria Kibbeh
Tajikistan Plov
Tanzania Ugali
Thailand Pad Thai
Togo Fufu
Tonga Lu Pulu
Trinidad and Tobago Doubles
Tunisia Couscous
Turkey Kebab
Turkmenistan Palaw
Tuvalu Palusami
Ukraine Borscht
United Arab Emirates Machboos
United Kingdom Fish and Chips
United States Hamburger
Uruguay Asado
Uzbekistan Plov
Vanuatu Lap Lap
Venezuela Pabellón Criollo
Vietnam Phở
Yemen Saltah
Zambia Nshima
Zimbabwe Sadza