Taste of Remitly: Homemade dishes from around the world

On Tuesday, October 9th, Remitly’s Seattle office hosted our first Taste of Remitly, where 22 team members shared their favorite homemade dishes from around the world. This fun potluck gave everyone a chance to try dishes from a wide variety of cultures and regions around the country. Each item was delicious and devoured in minutes!

Here’s a sample of the awesome dishes at Taste of Remitly:

Chicken and Pork Adobo

chicken and pork adobo filipino

A classic Filipino dish made with garlic, sauces, peppercorns, bay leaves, chicken, and pork, this version of Chicken and Pork Adobo was slow-cooked by Michelle Desiderio, Product Manager for the Compliance Experience Team. The meat is usually marinated for at least three hours or overnight, and if slow-cooking isn’t an option, you can heat up a pan and simmer in a dish!

Japchae (back) and Bulgogi (front)

Japchae is a popular Korean dish made from glass noodles along with stir-fried vegetables and meat and can be eaten with or without rice. Bulgogi is also a Korean dish made from thinly sliced beef that is marinated and barbequed. Both of these were made by Benjamin Kim, Accounting Manager on the Accounting Team!

Kugel (left) and Filipino Spaghetti (right)

Kugel is a dish often served during Jewish holidays or events; some varieties are made from noodles, eggs, and milk. This particular Kugel made with noodles was on the sweeter side and was made by Izzy Geselowitz, a Software Engineer II on the Pricing Team.

The Filipino Spaghetti on the right is a popular dish made with noodles, ketchup, and hotdogs. This version was made by Maria Kellberg, Accounts Payable Specialist on the Accounting Team.

Warak Enab (stuffed grape leaves) and Yoghurt Dip

Warak Enab is made with rice and beef and cooked with a lemony broth and wrapped in grape leaves. The yoghurt dip accompanies it (and compliments it well!), and both were made by Peter Samaan, Infrastructure Manager on the Infrastructure Team. While the dish itself is popular across the Mediterranean, Peter’s recipe, pictured here, is a popular dish in Egypt.

Sichuanese Pork Ribs with Potatoes

A tasty dish that pairs well with noodles or rice, Sichuanese pork ribs with potatoes is a staple food from Southern China. The sauce is made with a variety of ingredients, including doubanjiang and dou-chi, to give the ribs a ton of flavor. This version was made by Xinglu Liu, Product Designer on the Origination Product Unit (OPU) Team.

With such a great turnout and participation from other Remitly employees, we hope there will be another one soon! Stay tuned for follow-up posts with the recipes behind popular cultural dishes.

What dishes do you make that remind you of home? Share your favorite recipes in the comments below!