With Pix, Remitly Delivers Payments to Brazil 24/7/365

Remitly integrates with some of the fastest and most reliable payment systems around the world to quickly and reliably deliver money to our customers.

In 2021 we enabled transfers through Pix, an instant payment platform in Brazil that enables customers to send money to loved ones 24/7, 365 days per year – including weekends and holidays. We have seen continued and increased Pix use by our customers sending money to Brazil.

As of last quarter, the total volume of Pix transactions has grown at a rate of 170% YoY (June 2022 vs June 2023). Remitly is proud of our global disbursement network that enables us to conveniently put money in the hands of our customers’ families wherever and whenever they need it most. 

Man holding some Brazilian dollars

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