Community Outreach by Remitly 

At Remitly, one of our core values is Customer Centricity. We know that to fulfill our vision of becoming the most trusted financial services provider for immigrants, we need to keep the needs of the customer front and center.  

community outreach remitly


As we do this, we learn of countless opportunities for Remitly, and team members, to engage with and support the people we seek to serve beyond our business. This realization unleashed a series of events that, in 2019, materialized as Remitly supporting immigrant-centered community organizations, their events, and financial education learning journeys.

We’re continuing this work. Can you or your organization be a part of it? Read on to learn more.

Our Beginnings

In early 2020, our Outreach Program began. We held financial literacy events in partnership with the Juan Pablo Duarte Foundation in NYC and hosted a Dominican Independence Day celebration.

Our goal was to continue this programming with a wide range of immigrant communities across the USA and Canada, focusing on NYC, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, Vancouver, and Toronto. 

However, COVID-19 forced us all to rethink our engagement strategies. We could no longer host in person events, yet support for the community was needed more than ever. 

Going Virtual

We decided to expand our approach to include supporting virtual events, distributing PPE, and creating timely and relevant educational content.

For example, in September we teamed up with the Mexican Consulate in Seattle to host a webinar helping restaurant owners get online and promote their business ahead of the Mexican Restaurant Week created by the Consulate. 

We have worked with Consulates from the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and the Philippines and with non-profit organizations from Seattle, Los Angeles, NYC, and Chicago.

Work with Us

We are just getting started, and continue looking for new opportunities for partnership. We’re interested in working with:

  • Immigrant-facing organizations in New York City and Los Angeles that provide services to communities
  • Immigrant profession based organization such as nurses’ associations and agricultural workers’ groups 
  • Consulate offices 
  • Immigrant-led financial access and wellness programs and organizations 

Our team’s mission is to celebrate, cultivate and inspire immigrant communities across borders. At home, wherever home is.

Interested? Reach out to our Program Manager by filling out this form.