Making a Difference for Immigrants During COVID-19

Last updated on June 10th, 2024 at 12:07 pm

Official efforts to support those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic often leave out hard working immigrant communities. The CARES Act provides a lifeline to American citizens at a time of massive economic insecurity, for instance, but it doesn’t include millions of immigrants, many of whom are heroes on the frontlines.

Fortunately, local and national organizations are working to address this inequality. Here at Remitly, we’re committed to supporting their efforts, and we hope that they’ll inspire you just as much as they have inspired us.

Celebrities who Send money to Colombia and Mexico

Today, we’re donating $20,000 to support these five organizations who are fighting for immigrants during this crisis. They are:

Supporting Organizations on the Ground

Be sure to click through to their websites and follow these amazing folks on social media to keep up with their efforts.

International Rescue Committee

The IRC is running coronavirus-related programs in over 40 countries. In their words: “from sharing crucial information in Italy to training health care workers in Syria to continuing our vital work with refugees in the U.S., our teams are on the ground responding to the outbreak every day.”

The Immigrant Worker Safety Net Fund (NDLON)

Organized specifically to help migrant workers, most of whom don’t have any safety net, this fund provides support where the needs are greatest.


The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles works with all levels of government to help them invest in the potential of immigrants and refugees.

Buhay Sa Cruise Ship Fund 

Cruise ship workers have been hit particularly hard by this pandemic, and this fund is working on the ground to get them the support they need.

COVID-19 Relief fund for Undocumented Workers in Seattle

This Seattle-based effort provides direct economic support to undocumented families and individuals who’ve lost income due to the coronavirus shutdowns.

Standing with Immigrants

In addition to supporting these organizations, our CEO, Matt Oppenheimer, has also written a letter in support of extending the CARES Act to immigrants, the tax-paying members of our community who deserve representation in the next stimulus bill.

We’re urging our nation’s leaders to ensure immigrants get the financial support they need during these challenging times.

Lastly, we’re circulating an open letter in support of extending visa deadlines. People living abroad should not have to risk their health and safety or face confusion about how to leave the country at a time when borders are closed and the ability to study or work has dramatically changed. 

Join the pledge to call for @USCIS to extend all visa deadlines with the hashtag #ProtectImmigrants.

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