Remitly Sponsors Ghanafest New York: What the Festival Means for the Ghanaian Diaspora

Last updated on September 6th, 2023 at 04:05 pm

This year, Ghanafest in New York takes on special meaning. With the 2020 event going virtual due to the pandemic, the 2021 festival of Ghana’s heritage promises to bring extra joy. The organizers expect up to 1,000 participants. Given the ongoing concerns around the coronavirus, they’re including plenty of precautions for the health and safety of attendees, including COVID tests and on-site vaccines.

The festival is organized by the National Ghana Parade Council and its affiliates. It’s celebrated throughout the United States in cities with major Ghanaian populations, such as Chicago. Of these, the New York festival is arguably the biggest. Ghanafest is a time for Ghanaians to express gratitude, honor the past, and look to the future. Remitly is working closely with our community partners at Senyo Enterprises to sponsor this year’s festivities.

“Living in America has given me possibilities. However, Ghanafest reminds me of my roots.” -Ms. Rose Ivy Quarshie

Ms. Rose Ivy Quarshie is a Ghanaian-American professional who has lived in the United States for more than 30 years. She offered us her thoughts about what makes Ghanafest so meaningful: “Living in America has given me possibilities.  However, Ghanafest reminds me of my roots.  The opportunity to interact with old friends from Ghana and enjoy good food.  So Ghanafest has always been very dear to my heart, I always look forward to it every year.”

About Ghanafest NY: Health Is Wealth

The 12th annual New York Ghanafest celebration will be held on Saturday, August 7th, 2021 in Crotona Park. This year’s theme? Health Is Wealth.

The annual tradition is a celebration of Ghanaian culture and heritage. This family-friendly showcase of Ghanaian tradition, music, dance, art, and food features plenty of well-known names in Ghanaian culture.  These include musicians, artists, dancers, and performing groups. Highlights include a parade of drumming with participants dressed in traditional regalia.

Ghanafest Organizers

The parent organization of the event, the National Ghana Parade Council, is a 501(c) nonprofit dedicated to promoting and celebrating the diversity of Ghanaian culture. It also aims to develop and strengthen alliances with the larger African diaspora.

Aligned with its mission, NGPC is helping to plan 2021 Ghanafest NY under the auspices of Ghana Mission New York. They’re bringing along many more Ghanaian associations that include the National Council of Ghanaian Associations, the Gadangme Council of NY, Asanteman Association of NY, Ghanaian Ministers Association, Progressive Alliance Movement, and others.

For more information, check out their website.

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