VIDEO: Remitly panel “No-one left behind”

At Remitly, we’re working to advance financial and social inclusion – ensuring that everyone, no matter where they come from, has an equal chance in life.

When we opened our new London office recently, we hosted a panel discussion on the subject entitled “No-one left behind: new approaches to financial and social inclusion.

Remitly’s founder and CEO Matt Oppenheimer, and Remitly’s VP International Elena Novokreshchenova, were joined by two great guests.

Nick Hughes is the founder of off-grid energy company M-KOPA which not only helps people in developing countries access solar electricity, but also allows them to develop a payments history that can unlock financial services. Previously, Nick led the creation of m-Pesa, probably the world’s best known mobile money service.

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Moussa Camara is the founder of Les Déterminés, a France-based organisation that helps people from maginalized or excluded groups secure access to education, training and jobs. A large portion of those that Moussa helps are immigrants.

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