The countdown has begun to #BuenFin, the weekend with the best sales of the year in Mexico! Similar to Black Friday in the U.S., El Buen Fin corresponds with a national holiday and also encourages shopping with specials and deals all around the country.

El Buen Fin is the perfect time to send money to friends and family living in Mexico so they can take advantage of great sales and stock up on Christmas presents for loved ones.

Read on to learn more about this fun shopping holiday.

What is El Buen Fin?

El Buen Fin—literally meaning “the good weekend”—is a long weekend in Mexico that is dedicated specifically to the best sales and lowest discounts. It is held each year in mid-November at the same time as the long holiday weekend that commemorates the Mexican Revolution.

Inspired by Black Friday in the U.S., El Buen Fin is an initiative of the Mexican federal government in collaboration with many private businesses and corporations who choose to participate and promote their sales. The first El Buen Fin was held in 2011, and the popular event has been held annually since.

This year, El Buen Fin is November 16-19, although some discounts and sales will start to become available online and in stores beginning Thursday, November 15.

In preparation for “the good weekend,” Ana Patricia Gámez sends money to her parents for El Buen Fin using Remitly!

How can I take advantage of El Buen Fin 2018 sales in Mexico?

In the past 7 years of Buen Fin sales, sales across Mexico run the gamut from discounts on produce at Mexico City’s Central de Abastos to even driver’s licenses in some states.

Currently, thousands of businesses across Mexico offer discounts during El Buen Fin. If you’re in need of an item for your home, such as an appliance or gardening materials, or even if you are just looking for Christmas gifts, this is a great time to buy items in Mexico at a discount!

There are a few ways to find the best deals for El Buen Fin in Mexico.

Finding the best sales for El Buen Fin

This year, discounts are being promoted like never before on social media platforms.  Online deals and specials in retail stores will be strongly promoted across platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. You can search using the popular hashtags #BuenFin, #ElBuenFin and #BuenFin2018 to get started.

@ElBuenFin on Twitter offers tips to consumers as well as instructions to businesses who would like to register to participate in the weekend of sales.

If you need help getting started, has an online directory and search tool to locate participating retailers across the country.

To give an idea, here is a list of a few store chains who will participate in large discounts at the national level. If you click on each retailer’s website, you will get an idea of exactly what discounts are offered, from clothing to electronics and more, as the big weekend approaches:

And more…

Use Remitly this El Buen Fin to send money to loved ones in Mexico so they can take part in the shopping festivities!

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