Top 3 UK Regions for the Philippines’ Overseas Community

Last updated on December 31st, 2023 at 07:26 pm

In the past 40 years, many people from the Philippines have moved to the U.K. for more work opportunities. As a result, several larger towns and cities have become welcoming to newcomers who want to call the U.K. home.

In this guide from us at Remitly, we review the three popular U.K. regions people move to from the Philippines.

The Manila Times’ 2007 estimate of the U.K.’s overseas Filipino community was approximately 200,000, and at that time, more were becoming naturalized British citizens each year than from any other foreign country (except for India).

While the largest part of the Philippines’ overseas community lives in the greater London area, social and cultural pockets have appeared throughout the U.K.—particularly in these three regions:


The U.K. capital is home to 70% of the U.K.’s overseas Filipino community. The district of Earl’s Court is home to many Filipino cultural and economic activities, and there’s much to see and do year-round in the area.

  • For a delicious and authentic taste of homestyle food from the Philippines, try Lutong Pinoy, a well-known family restaurant that’s been around for over 20 years.
  • Founded in the 1980s, the Filipino Women’s Association promotes a positive and strong image of Filipinas in Europe and organizes charitable projects both in the U.K. community and the Philippines.
  • The Embassy of the Philippines in London provides necessary government support for the Philippines’ overseas community in the U.K., and they sponsor cultural and information sessions throughout the year. One event sponsored by the embassy is the city’s first Filipino Food Festival, which started in June 2018. They promise to add even more variety to the city’s culinary offerings in years to come.
  • London Barrio Fiesta, now in its 34th year, offers a festive weekend of cultural entertainment from the Philippines and the European Filipino community, capturing the spirit of the Filipino fiesta.

Birmingham/West Midlands

Birmingham, the second most populated city in the U.K., lies in the West Midlands county of England.

This city has a large and diverse overseas community, including many people from the Philippines. Several community associations and annual cultural events have strengthened the presence of the Philippines’ overseas communities in Birmingham and West Midlands:

Leeds/West Yorkshire

As more Filipinos move to the U.K., cultural communities in other areas have also grown. A thriving Filipino center now exists in Leeds, which is in the county of West Yorkshire.

Here are a few examples of key places that are important to the overseas community within the Leeds and West Yorkshire region:

  • The Filipino Leeds Association keeps the community informed on cultural and religious events, charity fundraisers, and community-specific employment opportunities.
  • The most established foods and dry-goods store in West Yorkshire, FilFoods Filipino store offers a variety of foods and services to and from home.

Moving abroad to the U.K.

Moving to the U.K. from the Philippines enriches both the European economy and its culture. There are now several pockets of Filipino life and commerce in most major cities of England, Scotland, and Wales.

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