If the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us anything, it’s how important our communities are in times of crisis. Uncertainty is difficult for anybody to face, and people often lean on their families for emotional support in these times. But that connection is not the only form of help families around the world need as we navigate and adapt to life against the backdrop of a pandemic.

You share with us every day your stories of families relying upon each other for financial support. You move to other parts of the world and give up your time and proximity with loved ones. You honour your family commitments and earn money to send back home to ensure their safety and prosperity. In the run-up to The International Day of Family Remittances (IDFR), we wanted to take a moment to shine the light on just a couple of remittance champions we know at Remitly.

We spoke with one of our customers who is from Lucknow, India. She has followed in her uncle’s footsteps by studying and creating a life outside of India. Regularly, she sends money home to her mother and siblings – two sisters and a brother – to help pay for their education and help with upkeep in the home. Her siblings are both studying for a degree and the money means more than paying for tuition fees and educational resources – it helps to grow potential, passion and the opportunity for a more prosperous future for her family. 

Another example is Teresa from Ghana who has been working in the National Health Service in the United Kingdom for the last 25 years. As a healthcare professional, Teresa is keenly aware of the positive impact healthy living can have on one’s overall quality of life. This is reflected in her reasons for sending money back home. Teresa uses Remitly to help provide funds to support her family’s healthcare in Ghana. Over the years Teresa has sent money to her aunts, brothers and friends to fund medicine and medical procedures. 

In both stories, being able to send money within minutes using the Remitly app is one less thing to worry about in an uncertain time. Importantly, our service provides peace of mind through our promise of providing a safe and secure way of delivering money abroad. They feel at ease knowing their funds will arrive as expected, where they can make the most impact – with their families. And, being able to send money to India and Ghana during lockdown without having to visit a bank, or physical money transfer service has been vital.

Your extraordinary and diverse stories of great personal love and commitment highlight the incredible lengths to which you will go to support and provide for your family and loved ones. Often those who make these incredible sacrifices do so without any fanfare or acknowledgement. So, on behalf of every recipient whose life has been changed thanks to the remittances sent to them, we thank you.

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