Celebrating our Customers on International Day of Family Remittances

The pandemic disrupted all aspects of our lives, including our health, employment, and financial stability. And yet, millions of people around the world continued sending money home to support loved ones as best they could. These remittances are essential for individuals, families, and entire communities.

June 16 Is International Day of Family Remittances

The International Day of Family Remittances (IDFR) recognizes the 200+ million migrant workers who send money home to over 800 million family members.

This year, the United Nations is continuing last year’s theme for IDFR: recovery and resilience through digital and financial inclusion. 

This resonates with us at Remitly, where we strive every day to provide a safe and affordable service for sending money home. Not only that, but we’re continuing to expand our library of financial content created just for immigrants and multinationals.

girl waves at her family over the phone like many families who receive remittances via Remitly

Your stories matter

As we approach this year’s IDFR, we wanted to shine a spotlight on some of our inspiring customers at Remitly.

They send money for a variety of reasons, most commonly to pay bills, cover basic expenses, fund education, and offset family medical costs.

Supporting daily needs

Teresa hails from Ghana and now lives in the United Kingdom. For 25 years, Teresa has worked for the UK‘s National Health Service (NHS). She uses Remitly to fund her family’s healthcare in Ghana.

Abigail, from the Philippines, helps pay her family’s bills and set aside money for the future. “You never know when an emergency can strike,” she explains. Her work as a teacher in the U.S. helps her support her community of origin—even as she makes her students’ lives better in her new home.

Luz, who was born and raised in Colombia, now works hard in the U.S. to help her family pay for the costs of food, clothing, and utilities. In fact, she uses Remitly to send money home every eight days, no matter what. She says matter-of-factly, “they depend on me, and I am happy to do it.”

young girl in a country where her family receives remittances to support her education

Funding for the future

One of our customers from Lucknow, India, regularly sends money home to her mother and three siblings. Her efforts help pay for their education and upkeep of their home. The payments she sends home drive potential, passion, and the opportunity for a more prosperous future for her family.

Paying for family members’ education is a common motivator for remittance senders. Small business owner and Remitly customer Edwin M. came to the U.S. from El Salvador seeking opportunities he didn’t have in his home country. Now, not only does Edwin’s cleaning business employ people in Wyoming, where he lives and pays taxes, but it also makes a big difference for his family back home. 

He says, “I am proud of my daughter, who is finishing her university studies to be a teacher. She studies languages in San Salvador, El Salvador. My work here has enabled her to study like I could not.”

About Remitly

Remitly is honored to serve our customers, who contribute so much to their communities in two countries.

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