International Women’s Day is here and we want to recognize the incredible lives of the immigrant women who contribute to our society in so many ways and fight every day to give their loved ones a better life.

We have hundreds of thousands of customers who identify as a woman and moved thousands of miles away, often alone, from everything they know and love to provide better lives for their loved ones. Many shared with us their gut-wrenching stories of how they have struggled to support their families from afar.

In a survey of our female customers, we learned that little over 40% had to move to the United States without their children, to provide them with basic necessities.

About 30% have not seen their children in over 3 years.

One woman shared: “Having left my daughter is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’m thinking about what she does, what she eats, how she is doing all the time, even when I’m very busy at work. You can never stop thinking about your children. I imagine her happy and learning things.”

Others described being away from their loved ones as “a void in their lives” and “the hardest thing they’ve ever had to do.

This International Women’s Day we want to shed a light on these incredibly hard-working women and ask everyone to make a much greater effort to recognize the immense personal sacrifice that immigrant women make every day. We are honored to help these women, these heroes,  send money to provide for their families. As an organization, Remitly is committed to #pressforprogress in gender parity not only for the customers we serve but also our employees in Remitly offices around the world.

We hope the spirit of International Women’s Day becomes a permanent one. That this same reverence, respect, and admiration for women isn’t just reserved for a single day but becomes the standard.

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