Remitly Scholarship in the Philippines Helps University Students Achieve their Dreams

Here at Remitly, it’s our mission to help immigrants and their families. We do this in many ways. As a company, we provide them with a trusted financial service they can use to safely send money to their loved ones in other countries. Additionally, we run the Remitly Scholars Program for university students in the Philippines. Since 2015, Remitly has invested over $500,000 in the program and assisted over 1,200 scholars.

About the Remitly Scholars Program

This program offers scholarships to selected students at the University of the Philippines and the Mapua Institute of Technology. It is open to any resident of the Philippines who will be enrolled full-time at one of those institutions.

“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Remitly Scholars Team and my sponsor for the scholarship you granted. Because of that scholarship, I was able to continue my education amidst a pandemic.” – A Remitly Scholar

An application is distributed to students through each institution’s financial aid department. Students are then selected based on their grade point average, the number of units they are currently carrying, and whether or not needs to create a high-risk of dropping out. This assistance helps scholars pay for books, food, supplies, and anything else they need to successfully graduate from college.

Twice per year, scholarships are awarded to 135 students.  All awarded scholars are then matched with a Remitly employee, who send funds provided by the company. The scholarship term is five months long.

Making Connections

The Remitly scholarship has a benefit for Remitly employees, too. It gives them the chance to connect directly with a Filipino recipient and use the Remitly app personally.

Many of our employees have family abroad and are familiar with using a money transfer app, but for those who aren’t, the scholarship program helps them better understand our customers. 

Our Customers Are Our Heroes

Over three million people around the world use the Remitly app. Many of them have made the huge sacrifice of leaving everything they know and love for better opportunities. As soon as they can, they send some of their earnings back home to their loved ones. This sacrifice is vital to communities in countries like the Philippines, Mexico, India, Nigeria, and many others.

Our customers are heroes. We’re proud to join them in helping provide a better future for young people in the Philippines. These hard-working students inspire us, and we’re honored to assist them in achieving their dreams.

Tell Me More

Find out more about the impact of the Remitly scholarship by reading Jomyka’s story. She was a student at the University of the Philippines working on her BS in Mining Engineering. When she completed an internship at Lepanto Consolidated Mining Corporation in Benquet, the Remitly Scholars Program helped her afford the costs.

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