Here at Remitly, it’s our mission to help immigrants and their families. We do this in many ways. As a company, we provide them with a trusted financial service they can use to safely and securely send money to their loved ones in other countries.

Additionally, over the past 3 years, our employees sent over $150,000 to students in the Philippines to help them achieve their dreams through a program we created called the Remitly Scholars Program. This program offers scholarships to students in the Philippines to pay for their education costs. Our employees send this money using our service, of course, so the students in the Philippines receive their money safely each month right on time to cover their university expenses.

Thousands of our customers make the huge sacrifice of leaving everything they know and love behind to move to a new country for a better opportunity to work and earn more, just to send those earnings back home to their loved ones. They do this for many reasons, but mostly to provide their loved ones with a better future.

Our customers are heroes that give so much and we’re proud to join them in helping provide a better future for young people in the Philippines. These hard-working students are amazing and we’re honored to assist them as they work toward achieving their dreams.

To share just how amazing they are we are launching a blog series called Meet the Scholars, the first edition is Jomyka, a student at the University of the Philippines working on her BS in Mining Engineering. Click the link below to read about her and her recent internship at Lepanto Consolidated Mining Corporation in Benquet to learn more about mining outside of the classroom. And be sure to take a look at our video above of our amazing scholars.

Meet the Scholar: Jomyka, Mining Engineering at the University of the Philippines

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