Meet the Scholar: Jomyka, Mining Engineering at the University of the Philippines

Last updated on July 26th, 2023 at 12:59 pm

Meet Remitly Scholar, Jomyka! She is a part of the Remitly Scholars Program as a student at the University of the Philippines. She is in her last year at the university, working toward earning a BS in Mining Engineering.

Jomkya spent the summer in a 2-month-long plant practice at Lepanto Consolidated Mining Corporation in Benquet. It is similar to an internship. Since mining companies are usually far from cities in the Philippines, they will typically offer lodging for the students to reside close to the mines throughout the program.

Mining in the Philippines in Benquet

However, students are required to purchase their own safety gear and equipment. Remitly was able to help Jomyka do this through the Remitly Scholars Program.

Jomyka Mining Engineering student in the Philippines

She had a great time in the mines and learned a lot about mining operations, mineral processing in the mill plant, and the general ins and outs of working for a mining company.

We’re proud to support students like Jomkya in their educational journeys.