Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month at Remitly: Employee Spotlights

At Remitly, diversity, equity, and inclusion, or DEI, is deeply rooted in our purpose and mission. Our focus everyday is to tirelessly deliver for our customers, many of whom are immigrants. Internally, we are committed to continuously improving on our policies, practices, and programs that make our culture more equitable and inclusive.

We have several channels for employees to share news and information, so we may deepen our knowledge. We regularly hold activities around DEI and make space for everyone to share their experiences and thoughts with the team.

As part of this effort, in honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, we’re celebrating just some of our many amazing Asian, Asian-American, and Pacific Islander employees. Read on to learn more.

Kim V. – Global Head of DEI

Kim (she/her) is the global head of diversity, equity and inclusion at Remitly. In her role, Kim focuses on deepening the culture of belonging at Remitly, recognizing and celebrating the diverse identities, backgrounds and experiences that enable the Remitly team to excel in providing fast, affordable and reliable international money transfer services.

“Diversity, equity and inclusion is deeply rooted in our mission at Remitly,” Kim said. With good reason: It takes a variety of perspectives to build for users traditionally excluded from financial systems. Through partnerships with organizations that support diverse communities, 11 affinity groups and a talent pipeline created through Afrotech, Upwardly Global and more, Remitly is not just ready for change — it’s leading it.

Divya YM. – Sr. Communications Specialist


As a third culture individual, culture and storytelling have been driving forces in my career, leading me to Remitly.

At Remitly, I’m empowered to bring my all and join the many voices who are evolving our inclusive culture. We are constantly learning and pushing the needle on how to be better for each other and our customers.

Hooney P. – Sr. Compliance Analyst


Born in Korea and immigrated to the States at eight, I stuck around Washington to become a UW Husky Alumni and work at Remitly! I am now lucky to be surrounded by my wife Jenna and two kids Alice and Henry.

Working at Remitly has been a journey like no other, as I have been part of the growth since 2017. During this growth, I have experienced and appreciated the purposeful drive in inclusion, diversification and growth of each and every hire. We are just getting started! #WJGS

Nancy B. – Sr. Manager of Customer Success


I joined Remitly because I felt called to transform the lives of immigrants alongside fellow Remitlians. 

The Remitly culture embraces curiosity while providing grace as we seek to understand each other’s point of view. The empathetic culture is infectious, it’s real, it’s genuine. Real inclusivity thrives from continuous improvement and asking ourselves “how can we do better?” Remitly has made that commitment. I feel heard, seen, and supported.

Reza R. – Manager, Product Marketing


I lead Product Marketing for our Asia business. I am a foodie and love exploring the food scene here in Seattle.

At Remitly, it is quite exciting the way we celebrate the different cultural celebrations and holidays. This year we celebrated Lunar New Year, Ramadan, Holi and looking forward to celebrating the rest of the holidays with customers as well as our colleagues.

Sophia D. – Sr. Growth Marketing Associate


I am from China and came to the USA for my master’s degree in 2017. After graduation, I worked in marketing industries and currently am on the growth team at Remitly. I love traveling and embracing new challenges.

I joined Remitly in 2020 and all the onboarding process was virtual, but I feel belonging and warmth with the team. One of my favorite journeys at Remitly is the Philippines Scholarship Program. I participated in this program twice and experienced our Philippines service as a real customer. I really appreciate the opportunities in working for different countries and regions at Remitly, where I can learn different cultures and new things.

Evelyne K. – Content Associate, Content Marketing


I moved to Seattle from Taiwan 2 years ago for my master’s at the UW. I am currently a content associate at Remitly. Prior to joining Remitly, I worked in cross-border startups, corporations, and advertising agencies as a marketing professional.

I appreciate how Remitly cares about DEI and its commitment to providing an inclusive workspace for everyone. I feel heard, cared for, and welcomed. Happy AAPI Heritage Month!

Anna Z. – Sr. Product Marketing Associate


I recently joined the company and have been experiencing nothing but great experiences so far. Remitly truly values DEI & I feel great inclusion and diversity from the team. I want to thank everyone for the friendly welcome.

Vincent C. – Risk Analyst

I was the first American member of my family, born to two Chinese immigrants. My parents worked hard in the food service and hospitality industry so that I could attend college—something no one in my family had done before me.

Remitly really pushes me to be authentic to all the facets of my identity: Asian, American, LGBTQ… I feel so lucky to work for a company where I’m encouraged to share my perspectives as a way to advocate for our customers. Remitly treats stories like my family’s as important threads in the tapestry, not outliers at the margins.

Leslie K. – Director of Growth, Passbook


I started my career as a newspaper journalist, reporting from Hong Kong, New Jersey and New York. My passion for connecting with people and understanding different perspectives made switching to marketing an easy choice after business school. I’ve had a lot of fun applying my experience to help grow businesses at Nestle, Microsoft, Redfin, and now Remitly.

So much of diversity and inclusion goes beyond simply recruiting and hiring — it’s about whether people feel heard in their day-to-day. The hard work of inclusivity shows up in the way we listen to each other, in every meeting and interaction. At Remitly, I don’t feel like I have to be the loudest voice in the room to feel heard, respected and appreciated.

About AAPI Month

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month (AAPI)–a celebration of Asians and Pacific Islanders in the United States. AAPI Month (as of 2009, officially changed from Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month) was started to recognize the contributions to and influence of Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans on the history, culture, and achievements of the United States.

About Remitly

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