How to Send Money Internationally Like a Pro

Last updated on April 17th, 2024 at 05:42 pm

Send Money Home for the Holidays

If you send money home for any reason, Remitly can help. Forget the hassle of bank wire transfers or going to the store. All you need is an app.

Remitly is one of the popular apps for sending money internationally using your smartphone. Follow this guide to make sure your Remitly transaction runs smoothly. Whether you’re a first-time Remitly customer or a regular sender, this guide will help you send money like a pro.

1. Update Your Remitly Account Details

To avoid any glitches when sending money overseas, make sure your account details are up-to-date. To do this, you only have to log into the Remitly app and click “My Remitly.” Within this section, you’ll be able to manage your personal information.

Make sure you have the correct information for your:


This is where you enter or edit information like your name, address, phone number, email address, password, and sending country.

Payment method

You can add your payment information in this section, such as your debit card or credit card number, or bank account. Make sure to delete or edit obsolete information, so there won’t be any confusion.


Update the recipient’s information like their address, phone number, and email address. Double-check their bank account information before you send! Delete recipient profiles that you won’t be sending to in the future.

2. Keep Your Phone Safe

Remitly will do most of the grunt work when it comes to the privacy and security of your account. In fact, your Remitly account is subject to verification procedures to maintain high levels of security, trust, and protection. However, there are things you can do on your end to ensure that other people will never have access to your important information.

  • Secure your phone with a passcode or PIN.
  • Use biometrics or facial recognition (such as Face ID) if available.
  • Use a strong, unique password.
  • Don’t share your account details with anyone else, even a friend or family member.

Check out 5 tips to protect your Remitly account.

3. Check in with Your Recipient

Remitly doesn’t require recipients to download the app and create an account. But you should make sure you’ve chosen your loved one’s preferred method for receiving money. Remind them to bring their ID if they’re going to pick up cash, too.

4. Track Your Transfers

You can easily check the status of the money you sent abroad by logging into your account and clicking the transfer history. You can even download receipts of past transfers as well.

If you see that the transaction’s status is “On Hold”, more information might be needed to process the transfer. Remitly will let you know if so.

5. Watch for Messages from Remitly

Remitly will reach out to notify you the status of your transfers. It’s important to keep an eye on those updates to avoid further delay in case Remitly requires additional information to process the transfer.

You will also receive an email when there are any changes to your transaction. This will serve as verification that you made those changes.

Depending on your notification settings, you may also receive an app, email, or SMS notification in these instances:

  • Updates or changes in the terms of service.
  • Unusual activity or changes on your profile.
  • Information on current promotions.

It is important to note that while Remitly periodically sends notifications, we will never ask for sensitive information like your full social security number, PIN, debit or credit card number, or credit card security code via email. You need to be wary of any email asking you for these details, as it’s one of the blatant signs of fraud.

6. Don’t Miss out on the Referral Program

Remitly offers a special referral program that can earn you some extra rewards. You can simply share the referral link with your friends or family. Both of you will earn a reward to use for your next transfer after your friend or family member successfully sends money for the first time using your link.

Sending Money Internationally with Peace of Mind

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