4 Reasons to Send Money with Remitly if You Haven’t Already

Last updated on July 25th, 2023 at 10:55 am

Sending money overseas is getting easier, but it’s not always an optimal experience. With more options for transferring money home, it’s worth finding the best fit for you.

Consider things like how easy the app is to use, what the fees are like, how quickly the money arrives, and where you can send.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your current service, it’s time for a change. Looking for a truly easy, affordable, and secure money transfer app? You need to know about Remitly.

4 Reasons to Send Money with Remitly

Better Transfer Fees

Money transfer services charge a wide range of fees for sending money to people in other countries. You may not even be aware of these fees when you send. Take a look at any app before you send and make sure you understand everything you’re being charged.

Remitly offers affordable prices that help you send more money home. You benefit from competitive fees and transparency.

At the time of writing, when sending $500 to Mexico from the U.S. with Remitly, for example, you pay no fees. If you send less than $500, you pay just $3.99.

Remitly fees depend on where you send the money. When transferring $500 or more from the U.S., you can expect to pay:

  • $1.99 to Brazil.
  • $2.99 to China.
  • $3.99 to India (fees fall to zero when you send $1,000 or more to India).

To see the fees and rates for transferring money to your home country, visit Remitly’s homepage or app and select your destination country.

Often, the money arrives within just a few minutes.

Updates on Your Transfers

What happens to your money when you send it to a loved one? You never have to wonder when you use the Remitly app.

Our app keeps you updated through every step of the process. You can see when you send funds, when the money reaches its destination, and when someone picks it up.

You can get updates through push notifications, emails, and text messages. Your recipient can get text updates, too.

More Locations for Your Family

When you send money home, you want to make sure it’s easy for your loved ones to pick it up. Sending to a familiar location or trusted bank is an important part of the process.

With the Remitly app, you can count on plenty of choices for your family. In countries like Mexico, India, and the Philippines, you’ll find thousands of locations for sending money home from mobile wallet accounts to bank deposits to cash pickup at stores.

In some places, you can even have money delivered to your loved one, such as in the Dominican Republic with Caribe Express.

Just choose a place that’s convenient for your family and you’re set.

Bank-level Security

Financial apps hold some of your most critical data, including your bank account and credit card numbers. If anyone gains access to that information, they could take money from your checking account or charge expenses to your credit card. They could also use your data to commit identity theft.

Remitly does everything possible to protect your data. The app uses 256-bit encryption (the banking industry’s standard) to prevent others from accessing your account. Remitly also protects you by never including your information like Social Security or bank account numbers in emails or text messages.

You can’t take any chances when it comes to protecting your financial data. You can learn more about how Remitly protects your information by visiting the security page.

Send Money With Experts That Care About Your Needs

You work hard to send money home to your loved ones. Make every bit count by using a money transfer app created specifically for you.

Get started by downloading the Remitly app today.