How to Send Money to a Visa Debit Card from Canada

Do you send money from Canada to friends and family in another country? If so, it just got easier.

Remitly and Visa have made it possible to send money directly to a bank account in another country using your recipient’s Visa Debit card number.

With this collaboration, you can send money to a debit card in over 70 countries. From Canada, that includes sending to a debit card in Jamaica, the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, and beyond.

Four steps for sending money to a Visa debit card

Here are the steps for an online money transfer to a Visa Debit card using Remitly.

Hint: these are usually the same across different platforms for international money transfers, such as Western Union, MoneyGram, and others.

Download the Remitly app from the app store (iOS) or Google Play, create an account, and then follow these steps.

  1. Tell us how much you want to send.

Enter the amount of money you want to send. Check the exact amount your recipient will receive after any fees or exchange rate markups.

Get a special rate and no fees on your first transfer with Remitly.

  1. Tell us to whom you’re sending money.

Anytime you send money online, you’ll need your recipient’s personal information. Have details like their first name, last name, and phone number on hand. You’ll also need to enter their debit card number.

  1. Tell us about yourself.

Provide details like your first name, last name, and phone number, as well as your street address, city, state, and zip code.

  1. Review and send.

Confirm your information and hit “send.”

What is a money order: woman using her phone and holding a credit card

FAQs and Considerations

When sending money abroad to a Visa Debit card, take the same precautions as when using any mobile wallet or payment app, such as Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Here are additional tips for conducting international money transfers to Visa debit cards.

Which debit card types are supported by Remitly?

Your recipient should have a bank-issued debit card that allows debit card deposits.

Where can I send money to a Visa debit card with Remitly? 

From Canada, you can send money to a Debit card in Jamaica, the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, and more. Simply select your destination country in the app and if you see “debit card deposit” as an option, you’ll know it’s available.

Of course, if you don’t see that choice, then debit card deposits isn’t available yet in your destination.

What are the sending limits?

There could be restrictions on the maximum amount you can send internationally in a single transaction. Check the app or website for more details.

Can I send money to a prepaid card?

Generally, you can send money to prepaid debit cards if your recipient obtains it through a bank.

However, most anonymous and prepaid cards bought at stores do not allow this.

Does my recipient also need to have a bank account number?

When you send to their debit card, all you need is the 16-digit number and their personal details. You won’t need your recipient’s bank account or account number information.

Do I have to pay with a Visa Debit card in order to send money to one in another country?

No! You can pay with your bank account, another debit card, a Visa Debit card, or a credit card.

Is it possible to send money with a credit card?

Many times, yes. However, if you transfer money using your credit card, you may be subject to a cash advance fee. Contact your card issuer to learn more about cash advance fee costs.

To learn how to send money using a credit card, visit our guide to learn how. 

What’s the difference between an RBC Visa Debit card, a Vanilla prepaid Visa, and a Visa gift card?

An RBC Visa debit card is connected to your bank account at the Royal Bank of Canada, allowing you to use your existing funds for purchases and international money transfers through Remitly. The same would be true of other bank-branded cards, like a TD Bank Visa debit card.

In contrast, Vanilla prepaid Visa cards and Visa gift cards are preloaded with a set amount of funds.

However, the key difference is that Vanilla prepaid cards may be reloadable depending on the issuer’s terms, whereas Visa gift cards are typically one-time-use and cannot be reloaded.

The benefits of sending money to a bank account using your recipient’s Visa Debit card number

Here are some key advantages of sending money directly to someone’s bank account using their Visa debit card number:

It’s simple.

To create your transfer, all you need is your recipient’s name and their Visa Debit Card number. When you send money to a Visa debit card, your recipient also won’t have to worry about leaving the house to make a cash pickup. Their funds will be available immediately in their bank account.

It’s fast.

Debit card deposits arrive instantly when you pay with a debit or credit card.

It’s affordable.

With competitive rates and minimal fees, more of your hard-earned cash will go straight to your loved ones.

It’s safe and secure.

You can rest easy knowing your money is safe. Remitly uses multiple layers of security to safeguard your and your recipients’ personal information. Sending to a debit card is just as safe as sending to a bank account.

It’s convenient.

Remitly is designed for your mobile device, ensuring you can access all its features wherever and whenever you need them. Transferring money to a Visa Debit card lets your recipient quickly access funds from their bank account. With the Remitly mobile app, instant transfers are possible.

Safety tips

Ensuring the security of your funds when sending money to a Visa debit card is vital for your financial safety. By reviewing these guidelines, you can enjoy peace of mind throughout the process.

  1. Ensure you’re using the correct information.

Before you start the transfer, triple-check all the information. If you have the recipient’s debit card number wrong by just one number, your transfer may be delayed or go to the wrong place.

  1. Pick a secure password.

Choose a unique password for your money transfer service. Make it different from your other financial institution passwords. To enhance the security of your password, pick a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.

Keep your password private. Only save your password to your personal computer or mobile device if you’re certain that the information will be secure.

  1. Enable transaction alerts.

Many financial institutions offer the option to receive real-time alerts for transactions made with your Visa debit card. Enable these alerts to stay informed about any activity on your account.

  1. Notify your recipient before you transfer funds.

Let them know you are sending money their way. And that’s it.

Sending money from Canada to Jamaica and beyond

Many Canadians with roots in the Caribbean, Asia, and Latin America regularly send financial support back home, reinforcing familial ties and contributing to their local economies.

Cities like Toronto and Edmonton are hubs for diaspora communities from India, Colombia, and elsewhere who not only enrich Canadian culture but also bolster their home economies by sending money to relatives.

For instance, Canadians send substantial remittances to the Philippines, significantly affecting the Philippine economy by supporting family needs and funding community projects.

Another example comes from Central America. Financial support from Canada to El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua has become an essential lifeline for many families, enabling them to improve their living conditions and foster small business growth.

During natural disasters or economic downturns, the ability to send money swiftly to regions like San Pedro Sula or Puerto Plata can be lifesaving. Even without being able to fly home, family members can quickly and even instantly provide support.

Transferring money to a Visa Debit card with Remitly

Visa Debit remittances make for a seamless and efficient money transfer experience.

To get started, sign up for an account with Remitly if you don’t yet have one. Then, follow the instructions listed above. Easy.