How Seafarers Can Send Money Online from Cruise Ships

Last updated on September 29th, 2023 at 11:09 am

Filipinos make up about a third of the workforce on cruise ships — by far the greatest share from any country. Those cruise ship workers contribute over $5 billion in remittances annually to the Philippines.

Remitly developed a solution to help cruise ship workers send their hard-earned money to the Philippines while they’re away at sea. The service is a convenient alternative to costly remittance providers found in overseas ports.

Which cruise ship workers can participate?

Cruise ship workers paid electronically and are on US-based cruise ship companies are eligible. This includes cruise ship workers assigned to major cruise lines including Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Celebrity, and Princess.

Why is Remitly a better choice for seafarers?

On average, companies historically charge 5-8 percent in money transfer fees—significantly cutting into the seafarers’ ability to provide support to their families. With Remitly, their hard-earned money stretches further with better exchange rates and low transfer fees.

This service is the only digital remittance service focused on seafarers. It offers:

  • Best value: High exchange rates and low fees
  • Unparalleled convenience: Send in just a few clicks from a phone or computer
  • Dedicated customer service team: 24-hour English & Filipino-speaking chat or call support


Does this replace the allotment system?

Remitly for Seafarers does not intend to replace the existing allotment system. It provides an alternative remittance solution, especially in cases of emergency—allowing you to send money home in minutes from mobile devices or computers any time of the day.

How do I sign up for Remitly for Seafarers?

Seafarers with prepaid debit cards can sign up for free at

Cruise ship workers can take a photo of their Ship ID and passport, then upload it through the Remitly service and start sending money home.

seafarers can send money with Remitly to the Philippines

Where can I send money?

Make deposits directly or send money to over 10,000 cash pickup locations and banks in the Philippines.

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