How to renew your Peruvian passport in Spain in simple steps

Last updated on April 24th, 2024 at 03:27 pm

Renewing your Peruvian passport may seem like a difficult task, and even more so if you’re living outside Peru. This may be the case for the more than 265,000 Peruvians living in Spain who, sooner or later, have to complete this procedure. Learn how to renew your Peruvian passport in Spain via this Remitly guide to ensure a straightforward process.

Please note that you won’t be renewing your passport

Peru’s passport is no longer renewable. The mechanized passport is no longer in force, making it impossible to renew it. If you need a new passport because yours has expired, apply for an electronic or biometric passport. This passport contains a microchip with your biometric data (fingerprints and facial image) and various security features.

Check the requirements

Any Peruvian outside the national territory who meets the legal requirements is entitled to obtain one of these passports. For those of legal age, here are the requirements:

  • To have a valid national identity card (DNI).
  • Carry your previous passport.
  • You must be previously registered in the Consular Register. It’s possible to check if you’re on the consulate‘s website. If not, you can register here.
  • It’s not necessary to submit a photograph, as you’ll take a photo at the consulate.
  • Request an appointment. The consulate in Madrid has an online appointment system. Keep in mind that it opens from Monday to Friday at 3:30 p.m., for one day of the following week, until the day’s agenda is full.
  • Go to the consulate in person.

Contact the corresponding consulate

With all the above in order and the necessary documents in hand, arrive for your appointment. Go directly to a Peruvian consular office in Spain. Here’s a list of consulates and their addresses:

Don’t forget to pay

The passport costs 70 euros. The payment method may vary depending on the consulate. Some, such as the one in Barcelona, accept cash (you must pay the exact amount), while others, such as the one in Bilbao, only accept payment by card or transfer. Review the available payment options. In general, a Eurozone card should not fail.

Wait for your passport

Although the issuance time may vary depending on demand, the delivery time is usually between 20 and 30 days, or even a little more, as there’s no maximum time limit. Find out when you can pick up your passport by checking its status at the consulate.

Please note that, after its arrival, you have six months to pick it up. After this time, the ownership of the passport is canceled and it’s sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for its elimination.

Once you have it with you, you can carry out procedures and travel around the rest of Europe or wherever you want for the next five years.

Frequently asked questions

How long is the passport valid?

The biometric passport is valid for five years and it isn’t renewable. After its expiration, you’ll need a new biometric passport. This duration is the same for adults and for adolescents up to 12 years of age. For minors under this age, the passport is valid for three years.

What happens if you lose my passport and need a new one?

In the case of loss or misplacement of a passport, it’s necessary to file a police report of passport loss with the Spanish authorities and, with this alone, you can apply for a new passport.

Is the same required for minors?

In the case of minors, there are more requirements than for adults.

A parent or legal guardian must accompany them. Parents or guardians applying for a passport must present their own documentation in addition to that of the minor. If they’re unable to attend in person, they must appoint a proxy to do so in their place.

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