How to renew your Spanish passport in Spain

Last updated on April 4th, 2024 at 04:42 pm

Learning how to renew your Spanish passport in Spain can help ensure a smooth process. Use this Remitly guide to discover the required steps and documents for renewing this passport.

What is the Spanish passport?

The Spanish passport is a public document, unique and non-transferable, which allows you to prove your identity and nationality when you’re abroad. It’s issued by the General State Administration and any person with Spanish nationality can obtain it.

This passport is essential for traveling outside Spain as it lets you pass through airport controls. While you can move around the European Union or enter a Schengen country with your Spanish ID, check your passport’s expiration date if you plan to travel anywhere else.

If you’re between 14 and 30 years old, you must renew your Spanish passport every five years. If you’re over 30 years old, it’s sufficient to renew it every 10 years.

Spanish citizens can access 194 countries around the world with a Spanish passport.

How to make an appointment to renew your passport in Spain

Renew your Spanish passport in person at any of the police stations or issuing offices in the national territory. There are multiple options in each province.

Start by making an appointment through The National Police portal for electronic DNI and passport. Here, you can select the date, time, and location.

Here’s the process:

  1. Visist
  2. Identify yourself using your electronic ID or by manually entering your ID information.
  3. Select the option to renew your passport.
  4. Choose your province on the map. When you select it, you’ll see a list of offices where you can renew your passport.
  5. Choose an office and select a date and time. The quick appointment option assigns you the closest available date.
  6. Enter your phone number and email address to complete the process. You’ll receive an email with the appointment confirmation.

Please note that at certain times of the year, there may be limited dates and times available. Don’t leave your passport renewal to the last minute. Once you have an appointment, be punctual and ensure you have everything you need.

What do you need to obtain your Spanish passport?

You’re not required to complete any forms ahead of your appointment. However, the Ministry of the Interior requires you to bring the following documents to your appointment:

National ID

Present your current ID and ensure it’s valid and in good condition. Otherwise, the agent helping you can’t check the personal data included in the renewal application to ensure it’s true.

Recent passport-size photograph

The photo you use for your passport must measure 32 x 26 mm. It must be a color image, where your face appears in the foreground on a uniform, plain, white background. In addition, it’s not advisable to appear with dark glasses or other accessories that make it harder to identify you.

If you plan to renew your ID on the same day as your passport renewal, you don’t have to provide another photo. They’ll use the same photo for both.

Fee in cash or proof of payment

Passport renewal costs 30 euros, although there are some exceptions. For example, the renewal process for the large family card is free. If you plan to pay in cash at the office, remember to bring the right amount of money since not all locations have change.

You can also pay online with your bank account or credit card through official channels. If you plan to do this, bring the proof of payment since you may get asked for it during the issuance of your new passport.

Previous passport

If you’ve applied for a new passport but your current passport is still valid, you must bring it with you for cancellation.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to receive the passport?

You can renew your passport in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is wait for an agent to help you. Once you complete the process, you’ll receive a printed passport on the spot.

What if your passport is lost or stolen?

If you lost your current passport and can’t bring it to the office to cancel it, the process you must follow is the same. The only difference is that you’ll need to file a police report for theft or loss and bring proof of the report to complete the process.

What if you’re a minor?

DNI renewal deadlines are different for minors. Children under five years of age must renew it every two years. After that age, they must renew it every five years. It’s valid until the minor reaches the age of 14. Then, the same adult deadlines apply.

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