One of the biggest problems facing immigrant communities today is poor access to quality financial services. According to a recent study,  Barriers to Immigrant Use of Financial Services, up to 40% of immigrant families don’t have quality access to proper services. And when they do, services can be unclear on terms and what exactly they offer.

At Remitly, our top priority is to help immigrant communities overcome these barriers. This is why we are extremely proud to be able to partner with Alexandra Ramírez, the  and financial expert on Univision TV’s “Despierta America.”

Alexandra educates Latin American communities so they can be financially fit and take control of their personal finances. She also provides helpful advice and tips when it comes to access to quality financial services as an important part of being financially fit is choosing the right services that fit your needs.

By doing this, Alexandra seeks to empower the thousands of Latin American communities across the country to improve their quality of life and financial well-being.

Ask Alexandra Anything!

This month, Remitly will attend Hispanicize in Miami, a large Latin American media conference. At the conference, we will host a lunch with Alexandra, where she will share the best financial tips and advice as well as talking about her experience using Remitly.

If you are attending Hispanicize in Miami let us know on TwitterInstagram, or Facebook. We’d love you to join us on April 19th!

If you can not attend, you can follow the event on Facebook Live April 19 at 11:30am ET. And if you have any questions you’d like to ask Alexandra leave your question in the comment section or tag us and Alexandra on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and we will make sure to ask your question during the Q&A session.

You can also read this post in Spanish and reach out through  our Spanish language social media channels Facebook, or Instagram.

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