Ana Patricia Gámez Shares Why She Sends Money to Loved Ones in Mexico

Around the world, people move overseas and pursue opportunities to earn money that they can send to their loved ones back in their home country. These unsung heroes take care of those they love and provide them with support to improve their quality of life. As part of Remitly’s #WhyISend campaign, Ana Patricia Gámez, the host of Univision’s Despierta América, shared her story about why she sends money to her loved ones in Mexico.

Watch Ana’s story below:

Remitly and Ana Patricia Gámez help kids in Mexico

Last year, Ana Patricia and Remitly also joined forces to launch the #renovandopromesas campaign in benefit of the Fundación Apoyo Infantil foundation in the state of Sonora, Mexico.

During the #renovandopromesas campaign, 20 dollars were donated each time someone signed up to use Remitly and send money to Mexico. In total, we raised over $8,000 dollars to benefit the foundation.

The Fundación Apoyo Infantil, or FAI, is a very meaningful cause for Ana Patricia since she was born and raised in the state of Sonora, Mexico. This foundation is dedicated to improving the conditions and quality of life of Mexican children, teenagers, and families that live in poverty in both urban and rural areas of Sonora.

The donations were used to cover the basic needs of the children in the foundation, including tables, chairs, computers, mattresses and a new stove that will replace one that stopped working recently. In addition to the donations from the campaign, the Remitly office in Seattle sponsored 24 boys and girls, and personally delivered clothes, shoes, socks, and other basic needs to them.

Earlier this year, Ana and the Remitly team traveled to Sonora, Mexico to deliver the money and supplies to the children of FAI. Check out the video to see our amazing day:

Finally, we want to thank you for making all of this possible. This campaign would not have been possible without your transfers to Mexico. The generosity and effort you show every time you send money to your loved ones in Mexico has now extended to the children in the FAI Sonora foundation.

From all of us at Remitly, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

If you live abroad and still have family or friends in Mexico, show them you care by sending them money today

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