5 Steps to Safely Send Money to Nepal

Last updated on February 21st, 2024 at 10:53 am

Remitly helps you convert your GBP, USD, and EUR into Nepalese rupees (NPR) and send them to Nepal. With a transparent pricing structure and bank-level security, you can rest easy knowing your money is in good hands.

This article will cover how to send money to Nepal with Remitly and some common FAQs.

Send Money to Nepal

Why Should I Use Remitly To Send Money to Nepal?

Remitly helps you send more of your hard-earned money to Nepal by offering low fees and competitive exchange rates. Quick delivery and high levels of security bring you peace of mind.

The pricing structure for sending money to Nepal is simple, with no hidden fees.

Send Money to Nepal in 5 Easy Steps

Sending money to your loved ones with Remitly is simple. If you haven’t done so, the first step is downloading the app.

  1. Select Nepal as your destination country.
  2. Select your preferred delivery methods, such as bank deposit, cash pickup, or mobile money (also called a mobile wallet).
  3. Enter all the necessary recipient details, including the recipient’s name, bank account number, and phone number. The required information will vary depending on your selected delivery method.
  4. Add your payment methods, such as your credit card or debit card.

Remitly may ask for additional documentation depending on the amount you send or if we cannot verify your identity.

With Remitly, Which Banks/Providers Can I Send Money To?

As of this writing, these are some of the financial institutions in Nepal where you can send money with Remitly. For the full list, check the app or the website.

  • Bank of Kathmandu
  • GME Remittance
  • Nabil Bank
  • NCC Bank
  • Nepal Investment Bank
  • Nepal Remit
  • NIC Asia Bank
  • NMB Bank
  • Siddhartha Bank

Send Money to Nepal

How Much Money Can I Send to Nepal With Remitly?

To ensure top-quality customer service while adhering to strict security standards and international regulations, Remitly has implemented sending limits, which apply when you first open your Remitly account.

For customers who send money to Nepal from the United States, as of writing, the initial sending limits with Remitly are:

  • $2,999 in 24 hours
  • $10,000 in 30 days
  • $18,000 in 180 days

If you need to transfer amounts beyond this, Remitly will ask you for more information. Check out the details here for more information about raising your transfer limits.

Additional sending limits may apply depending on your choice of payout partner or receiving location.

How Much Does It Cost To Send Money to Nepal With Remitly?

Please check the Remitly app or website for the latest transfer fees and currency exchange rates.

As of this writing, transfer fees to Nepal if the recipient receives money in NPR are:

  • If you’re a U.S. customer, Express transfers are USD $3.99, and Economy transfers are USD $1.99.
  • For customers in Canada, Express transfers are CAD $3.99, and Economy transfers are CAD $2.99.
  • For those in Australia, Express transfers are AUD $2.99, and Economy transfers are AUD $1.99.
  • If you’re living in the United Kingdom, transfers are GBP £0.99.

Wonder how much 1 USD can be exchanged for the Nepalese rupee (NPR)? Check out Remitly’s website for the most current exchange rates.

Is It Safe To Send Money to Nepal With Remitly?

Millions of people around the globe trust Remitly because of the secure and smooth money transfer service experience we provide. You can learn more about how Remitly goes above and beyond to keep your information and money safe.

Remitly uses multiple levels of security so that you can send money home with peace of mind. Your data is protected 24 hours a day through fraud monitoring and encryption. For more information about our security, please visit the information page.

You and your recipients can track the transfers in real-time and receive notifications, so you won’t have to worry about where the money is. If you have questions throughout the process, we offer help 24/7.

You can know that the money you’ve worked hard to earn will safely reach its destination.

More About Nepal

With 3.5 million Nepalese living abroad, remittances to Nepal have only increased over recent years, totaling over 24% of the country’s GDP, or just over $8 billion US dollars (USD) in 2020. This money comes from people like you: people who left Nepal, work hard, and want to return some of that money to loved ones living in Nepal.

As of 2020, the average transfer fee for an international remittance was 7%, which amounts to tens of billions of dollars annually. If you’re looking for a secure and straightforward way to send money to Nepal, consider Remitly. It’s reliable, easy to use, safe, and offers low fees.

Nepal, a landlocked country between India and China, has a rich history and culture set amongst one of the most dramatic landscapes in the world. Nepal is home to 29.14 million people, with a majority of people living in the capital city of Kathmandu.

There are smaller urban centers, Biratnagar, Nepalganj, and Birganj, located along the border with India. The majority of the population lives in villages or small market towns. Tourism represents a small but expanding industry in Nepal, mainly confined to the Kathmandu Valley and around Mount Everest.

The official language of Nepal is Nepali and is spoken by about 45 percent of the population, followed by Maithili (11.7%), Bhojpuri (5.9%), Tamang (5.8%), Tharu (5.1%), Newari (3.2%), Bajjika (2.9%), Magar (2.9%), and then all other languages, which comprise around 17.6%. The vast majority of the population is Hindu, although a small percentage follows Buddhism and other religious faiths.

Nepal remained relatively isolated from the rest of the world until a revolt in 1950 restored the monarchy in 1951. Nepal gained admission to the United Nations in 1955. In 1991, the kingdom established a multiparty parliamentary system. In 2008, after a period of violence and turbulence with a strong Maoist insurgency, the monarchy in Nepal was dissolved, and a democratic republic was declared.

The Nepalese Rupee (NPR) was introduced in 1932 when it replaced the Nepalese mohar.

Due to its history of political isolation, Nepal remains one of the least developed countries in the region, and many Nepalese rely on remittances sent from those living abroad. The number of those leaving Nepal for work is increasing every year. Malaysia is the main destination country for Nepali migrants, closely followed by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Kuwait.

How to transfer money to Nepal FAQs

Still have questions about how to send money online with Remitly? Read on for answers.

How is an international money transfer different from a wire transfer?

A wire transfer is a type of bank transfer that uses a dedicated network to allow people to send and receive money. You must request a wire transfer from a financial institution, and the funds you send will be deposited in the recipient’s bank account.

An international money transfer allows you to send money abroad through systems other than the ones used for wire transfers.

While you can still fund them with your bank account or have funds sent to your recipient’s bank account, online money transfers give you other ways to send and receive money. For example, you can initiate the transfer with your credit or debit card and arrange cash pickup for your loved one in Nepal.

Generally, making a money transfer to Nepal through a service like Remitly costs less than initiating a wire transfer.

What are secure online money transfers?

Secure money transfers are when you make money transfers to Nepal using a provider that employs encryption to protect your personal information. Whether you want to send EUR, USD, GBP, or another currency, transfers through Remitly keep your data and your money safe.

Do I pay fees upfront when sending money to Nepal?

Yes, you’ll pay the necessary fee for sending money to Nepal when you initiate the transfer.

Your recipient won’t be required to pay any additional fees whether you opt for cash pickup or a bank deposit. And since we never charge hidden fees, you’ll always know the total cost of your transfer before you send it.

How do I know the exchange rate when making a money transfer?

With Remitly, you’ll always know the exchange rate upfront. Simply sign into the app to check rates before sending money.

How long does it take to make a transfer to Nepal?

With Remitly, your funds will reach Nepal fast. You can initiate bank account transfers or arrange cash pickup with just a few taps.

When you choose our Express service and pay via credit or debit card, the transfer process can be completed in minutes. Transactions made with the Economy service to Nepal take around 3 to 5 days to arrive.

What recipient information do I need to transfer money to Nepal?

To send funds, you’ll need the following information about the recipient in Nepal:

  • Their full name, as it appears on their photo ID
  • Their complete address, as it appears on their photo ID
  • Their phone number

If you’re requesting a bank deposit, you’ll also need their account information, such as their bank account number.

How do I pay for Remitly?

You can use a debit or credit card or withdraw the money from your bank account to pay for your transfer. Depending on where you live, there may be other ways to fund the transaction, such as using Apple Pay or Google Pay.

The app will lay out all of the available options, and you can also check out this page for more information.