How to Send Money to Japan Safely in 5 Easy Steps

In 2020, Japan received 4.7 billion U.S. dollars in personal remittances, more than double 2013 remittances. That’s understandable when you consider that over 1 million Japanese people live abroad, and many send money back to their home country.

If you’re looking for a secure and straightforward way to send money to Japan, consider Remitly. It is reliable, easy to use, safe, and offers low fees.

Remitly helps you convert your GBP, USD, CAD, AUD, and EUR into Japanese yen (JPY) and send them to Japan. With the transparent pricing structure and bank-level security, you can rest easy knowing your money is in good hands.

Check out these guidelines and FAQs to learn how simple it is to send money to Japan with Remitly.

Send Money to Japan

Why should I use Remitly to send money to Japan?

Remitly helps you send more of your hard-earned money to Japan by offering low transfer fees and competitive exchange rates. Quick delivery and high levels of security bring you peace of mind.

The pricing structure for sending money to Japan is simple with no hidden fees.

Send money to Japan in 5 easy steps

Sending money to your loved ones with Remitly is simple. The first step, if you haven’t done so already, download the app.

  1. Set Japan as your destination country.
  2. Enter the transfer amount you’re sending.
  3. Select your preferred delivery methods, such as bank deposit or cash pickup. Choosing the bank deposit option generates a selection of bank names.
  4. Enter the requested information and bank details, like the recipient’s bank account number, full name, and phone number.
  5. Add your payment methods such as your bank account, credit card, or debit card.

Foreign exchange Rate Knowledge: Before starting a bank transfer, check out the exchange rate of the Japanese yen against the US dollar (USD). Find out what 1 USD can exchange for JPY on our website.

With Remitly, which banks and providers can I send to in Japan?

As of this writing, these are some of the financial institutions in Japan where you can send money with Remitly. For the full list, check the app or the website.

  • MUFG Bank
  • Japan Post Bank
  • Mizuho Bank
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Bank (SMBC)
  • Resona Bank
  • Fukuoka Bank
  • Kyodai Remittance

How much money can I send to Japan with Remitly?

To ensure top-quality customer service while adhering to strict security standards and international regulations, Remitly has implemented sending limits, and these limits apply when you first open your Remitly account.

To start, here are the initial limits when you send money to Japan from the United States:

  • Up to 2,999 USD over 24 hours
  • Up to 10,000 USD over 30 days
  • Up to 18,000 USD over 180 days

If you need to transfer amounts beyond this, Remitly will ask you for more information. For more information about raising your transfer limits, check out the details here.

Additional sending limits may apply depending upon your choice of payout partner or receiving location.

How much does it cost to send money to Japan with Remitly?

Please check the Remitly app or website to see the latest transfer fees and currency exchange rates.

As of this writing, the following transfer fees to Japan are:

  • The transfer fees for any transfers under USD $1,000 from the United States are USD $6.99.If you send more than USD $1,000 USD, there is no transfer fee.
  • In Canada, Express transfers are CAD $7.99.
  • Customers in Australia may send funds for a flat fee of AUD $7.99 AUD for Express transfers.
  • From the United Kingdom, Express transfer fees are GBP £7.99.

Note that your recipient will receive your funds in Japanese yen.

Is it safe to send money to Japan with Remitly?

Millions of people around the globe trust Remitly because of the secure and smooth money transfer service experience we provide. You can learn more about how Remitly goes above and beyond to keep your information and money safe.

Remitly uses multiple levels of security so you can send money home with peace of mind. Your data is protected 24 hours a day through fraud monitoring and encryption. For more information about our security, please visit here.

You and your recipients can track the transfers in real-time and receive notifications, so you won’t have to worry about where the money is. If you have questions throughout the process, we offer help 24/7.

You can have peace of mind that the money you’ve worked hard to earn will safely get to its destination.

More about Japan

Japan has a long history steeped in tradition, sacred customs, and cultural pride. It’s world-renowned for its beauty, cuisine, and history, and its cherry blossoms, sushi, karaoke, and anime are notably Japanese. Yet, Japan is also a technological wonder and a driving factor in worldwide trends in automotive, electronics, music, fashion, and pop culture.

The estimated population of Japan in 2021 was 124.6 million, but it’s declining due to low birth rates. Most of Japan’s population resides in urban locations along the coast, though Tokyo, on the central plain, houses one-third of the nation’s residents. Millions of Japanese city dwellers live in Yokohama, Osaka, and Nagoya.

Emigrants from Japan choose Brazil in overwhelming numbers as their new home abroad, numbering 1.5 million by 2018. However, Japanese expats have also found desirable locations in the United States, China, Australia, and Canada. In the U.S., Hawaii is a big favorite. Total remittances in United States dollars to Japan rank 23rd worldwide.

In-country, the national currency is the Japanese yen (JPY), introduced in 1871. Legendary Japanese individuals grace their banknotes. Only the United States dollar and the euro outrank the Japanese yen in worldwide currency trade.

Send Money to Japan

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