The Top 9 Reasons People Send Money Home 

Last updated on June 10th, 2024 at 11:20 am

The data and statistics mentioned in this article are based on a survey conducted by Remitly in Q4 2022 of more than 2,500 respondents who sent an international transfer in the prior 6 months. The use cases provided are hypothetical and serve to illustrate the potential impact of remittances on the economies of different regions.

Sending money home is not just about meeting basic needs; it has the power to transform entire economies and uplift communities. As an immigrant, you understand the profound impact that remittances can have on your loved ones’ lives. Each transaction represents more than a financial transfer; it symbolizes your unwavering commitment to support your family, celebrate traditions, and invest in a brighter future.

Here at Remitly, we’re proud to help you send money safely, quickly, and easily. In a recent survey we conducted with international money senders, we delved into the top reasons people like you choose to send money home.

Why Immigrants Send Money Home

The results reveal just how much your remittances can change lives.

Household Needs

Supporting your family’s basic needs, such as food, utilities, and clothing, is a fundamental reason for sending money. It’s no wonder that respondents named “household needs” as their number one reason for sending money home.

From Southeast Asia to Central America and countries in between, families rely on their loved ones’ contributes each month.

By ensuring their well-being, you not only provide comfort and stability, but also contribute to the local economy. Your remittances stimulate demand, supporting local businesses and vendors who supply essential goods and services.

Medical Expenses

After basic needs, medical expenses are the second most common reason for sending money home. Access to quality healthcare is a universal need, and unfortunately, it’s not equally available across the planet. A grandmother in Ghana might need a lifesaving treatment, or a young nephew in Guatemala might need medication to heal. Either way, remittances often make these treatments possible.

Remittances can bolster the healthcare sector in your home country, enabling the growth of hospitals, clinics, and medical professionals, and ultimately improving the overall health infrastructure.

Special Occasions

Special occasions like holidays, weddings, funerals, and cultural celebrations hold immense significance in immigrant communities. More than a quarter of respondents stated they send money for these occasions.

Be it Christmas, Ramadan, Mother’s Day, or Lunar New Year, remittances are a way to ensure your loved ones can partake in these important events and create lasting memories.


Gifts were another common reason for sending money home among the survey respondents. These gifts go beyond major holidays, too; they might be for birthdays, anniversaries, or “just because.”

Such remittances for gifts not only bring joy to your family but can also support local artisans and small businesses.


Everyone deserves access to quality products and a better lifestyle, and it’s not a surprise that many respondents send their family money to help them shop for quality goods.

Empowering your family in this way has a profound impact on the local economy.

From clothing and electronics in Mexico to household goods in the Philippines, your support enhances consumer spending and stimulates economic growth.

Savings or Investments

Immigrants don’t just send money for the basics. Their remittances also build futures. Sending money to help create a savings account or enable investment is one common way to do so.

By sending money for savings or investments, you lay the foundation for long-term economic growth in your home country. Your remittances may start a business, invest in education, or establish financial security for your family.

House or Land Payments

One common reason for sending money home? Housing. Having a safe living space is a priority for many families. Homeownership provides stability and is a significant driver of economic growth.

This infusion of capital for building or renting also stimulates economic activity, creates employment opportunities, and enhances the overall quality of housing in your home country.

School Tuition or Fees

Many remittance senders support loved ones by paying school fees, purchasing books or uniforms, and covering other essential educational expenses.

Investing in education through your remittances has far-reaching effects on the economy. By supporting your family’s educational pursuits, you enable the development of a skilled workforce, fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic diversification.

Business Expenses

A smaller, but not insignificant proportion of respondents send money overseas for business purposes.

This can mean supporting your family’s business or investing in a local venture run by trusted partners. Either way, entrepreneurship empowers individuals and communities alike.

The Takeaway

Your remittances support not only your family but also local businesses, healthcare and recovery systems, education, and entrepreneurship in your home country. By choosing Remitly as your trusted money transfer app, you enable positive change and contribute to the sustainable development of your community.

Thank you for being a part of the Remitly community.