How to Safely Send Money to BPI Bank in the Philippines

Last updated on August 28th, 2023 at 03:09 pm

Looking for the best and fastest way to send money home to the Philippines? You’re in good company. Over two million Filipinos live abroad and many support their communities back in the Philippines. Remittances from these overseas workers boost local economies throughout the island nation. However, high transfer fees and poor exchange rates can make it expensive to send money to the Philippines. Remitly wants to change that. 

One popular option for sending money to the Philippines is to a Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) account. With Remitly’s mobile app, it’s easy to transfer money to any BPI account from outside the Philippines. 

Send Money to BPI Bank in 5 Easy Steps

Transferring money to a BPI account is fast, easy, and secure with Remitly. To get started:

  • If you haven’t already, sign up for a free Remitly account. Download the app and set the Philippines as your destination.
  • Enter the amount you want to send.
  • Choose whether you want to do a bank transfer or cash pickup.
  • Enter the recipient’s information.
  • Add your payment details.

This is usually all it takes! Sometimes, we may ask for additional documentation depending on the amount sent or if we are unable to verify your identity.

Why Should I Use Remitly to Send Money to BPI Bank?

In addition to an easy-to-use app, we offer bank-grade security, competitive exchange rates for the Philippine peso, and the ability to track your transfer from start to finish. 

We also have a simple pricing structure, so you never have to guess how much your transfer will cost. There are no hidden fees. We aim to give you peace of mind every step of the way. 

How Much Money Can I Send to BPI Bank with Remitly?

At Remitly, we take customer convenience and security seriously. So while we strive to make it as easy as possible to send money home, we also need to balance international regulations.

That’s why we limit how much you can send in 24 hours, 30 days, and 180 days. These limits are different depending on your location and your recipient’s location. To see your limit, simply log into the app.

 If you need to send more than your current limit, you can request an increase. See how to increase those limits here.

Is it Safe to Send Money to BPI Bank with Remitly?

In a word, yes. Remitly is committed to safety, and we’ve earned the trust of millions of users by providing high-level security. 

We use two-factor authentication and data encryption to make sure your data stays safe. Users can track their transfers via email and SMS. 

What’s more, your transfers are delivered on time, or we’ll refund your fees. 

More about BPI Bank

Short for Bank of the Philippine Islands, BPI was founded in 1851 in Manila and was the first bank in the Philippines. Originally established under colonial rule as El Banco Español Filipino de Isabel II, its name was changed in 1949. The bank offers over 800 branches in the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Europe, as well as nearly 3,000 ATMs and CAMs (cash accept machines.)

They are committed to their role as a key provider of financial services to residents and businesses in the Philippines. Their stated mission, in fact, is to “nurture every Filipino’s future with a trusted approach to managing money and innovation that makes life easier every day.”