Egypt Revolution Day—A Day to Celebrate Freedom

From all of us at Remitly, we’d like to wish our Egyptian users a Happy Revolution Day!

Egypt’s Revolution Day, also known as Nation Day and sometimes as Independence Day, is a public holiday celebrating the Egyptian Revolution of 1952. In this bloodless military coup, the Egyptian people gained complete freedom both from the British Empire and an inefficient monarchy.

National Day of Egypt is celebrated with much fanfare in Cairo every year. Observances include concerts, fairs, and military parades.

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Egypt Revolution Day

A Brief History of Egypt Revolution Day

After over a hundred years of control, Britain officially recognized The Kingdom of Egypt as an independent country in 1922. But at the time, not much had changed. Many felt that the British occupation continued unofficially, through the Muhammad Ali Dynasty.

King Farouk attempted to soothe unrest within the country. However, when Egypt lost the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, Farouk’s power waned. Many at home and in the Middle East blamed King Farouk for the war’s outcome.

In 1952, a military coup led by a group called the Free Officers overthrew King Farouk and his administration. The leaders of this movement included General Muhammad Naguib and Gamal Abdel Nasser. The military coup d’etat was largely peaceful and happened essentially overnight.

On the morning of July 23rd, the Free Officers took over government buildings, media stations, and other critical infrastructure. Muhammad Naguib led the Free Officers in declaring Egypt a democratic state. By July 26th, King Farouk had surrendered.

With the continued support of the Free Officers Movement, General Naguib became the first President of Egypt. Now an independent republic, Egypt was free from both British colonialism and the monarchy.

During this period, Egypt enjoyed rapid modernization. Citizens soon received the right to vote and women gained more rights.

Egypt Revolution Day

5 Facts About Egypt Revolution Day Celebrations

1. Egypt has two Revolution Days

For decades, July 23rd was the only Revolution Day in Egypt. However, with the resignation of Hosni Mubarak in 2011 during the Arab Spring, another Revolution Day was added to the calendar. The second celebration takes place on January 25th, with parades in Tahrir Square, and is sometimes known as Police Day.

2. Celebrations begin on the 22nd

While the official observances take place on July 23rd, many of the annual celebrations begin on the evening of July 22nd.

3. Festivals, fireworks, and concerts

The anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution of 1952 is a joyous occasion in the country’s history. As a result, Egyptians can enjoy a range of festivals, fireworks, concerts, and government speeches during the day.

4. Spending time with family and friends

Since Revolution Day is a public holiday, many Egyptians can take the day to relax with their loved ones. Whether they are staying home or watching the military parades, Revolution Day is a joyous occasion.

5. Patriotic songs, movies, and literature

On Revolution Day, it’s common to find patriotic songs, movies, and literature. The Sin, directed by Henry Barakat, and the biopic Gamal Abdel Nasser from Anwar Kawadri are two movies that deal with the military coup d’état. You can also hear Sayed Darwish’s songs on the radio and other special programs, or readings of Abdel Rahman el-Abnudi’s poem “I Swear”.

Egypt Revolution Day Celebrations in 2022

  • Egypt’s Revolution Day officially takes place on July 23rd, but festivities may begin on the evening of July 22nd.
  • Every year, the Egyptian President issues a public statement in support of the revolution.
  • As a public holiday, Revolution Day is a day of rest for many Egyptians.
  • The Anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution is one of great pride for many Egyptians, and it’s common to see fireworks and street celebrations during this time.
  • Revolution Day is the largest secular public holiday.
  • International affairs offices that work with Egypt often host Revolution Day celebrations abroad. These can include inviting guest speakers or sponsoring Egyptian cultural performances.

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