Top Australian regions where the Philippines’ overseas community is moving to

Last updated on December 31st, 2023 at 07:19 pm


According to the 2016 census, over 304,015 people from the Philippines currently live in Australia. While this well-established and vibrant community extends throughout the entire country, many commercial services and cultural support exist within the nation’s largest metro areas. If you’re considering moving away from the Philippines and looking for where to move to in Australia, take a look at the major regions where the Philippines’ overseas community lives, as well as what makes them unique via this Remitly guide.

Filipinos in Sydney

In Sydney, Filipinos make up over 3% of the total population in many of the major metro areas, including nearly 6% in the city of Blacktown. Sydney hosts the largest and most historical overseas Filipino community in the country by far.

Many places and events throughout the Sydney metro area offer important resources to the community:

  • Republic of the Philippines Consulate General is located in Sydney, providing important government support with official documents and processes, as well as sponsoring community cultural events.
  • The Pinoy Australia Information Forum presents live community meetings and provides valuable online information to raise awareness related to business and immigration topics.
  • The Bayanihan Community News has been providing print and online news to the local community in Sydney since 1998, publishing relatable stories and articles in various Filipino languages.
  • The Sydney Filipino Society of the University of Sydney fosters cultural pride among Filipino students, provides cultural support and strives to build relationships among institutions in Australia and the Philippines.
  • Multiple annual festivals celebrating Filipino culture in Sydney include the Fiesta Kultura, the Sydney Philippine Food Festival, and the newer Philippine Christmas Festival (Pasko).

Filipinos in Melbourne

About one in five Filipinos who move to Australia settle in Melbourne. This community’s worked hard to create an array of services and cultural events that celebrate and support its members:

The overseas Filipino communities in both Sydney and Melbourne—as well as throughout Australia—depend on their fellow community members for support and to feel welcome in the new country they call home. Additionally, staying connected to family and friends in the Philippines is essential.

As one of the largest Filipino communities abroad, Filipinos residing in Australia need to be able to send money home to loved ones with ease, whether it’s for birthdays, holidays, financial support, school supplies, or other important reasons.

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