4 Great Online Resources for Immigrants in the U.S.

Last updated on September 16th, 2023 at 12:07 am

A few years ago, we conducted a national survey in the U.S. of first-generation Latin American immigrants and asked about their attitudes and experiences when immigrating to the United States.

The takeaway we found from this survey was that, despite the current political climate and low levels of public satisfaction with the current state of the nation in the U.S., 9 in 10 respondents in the U.S. still believe the American Dream is achievable.

Among that majority, access to living standards, better education, jobs, free speech, and physical safety were listed as the most achievable aspects of the American Dream. Additionally, 60% still recommend relocating to the U.S. to a friend, family member, or colleague.

To help solve some of the challenges identified in this survey, we compiled the following list of tools and apps that offer access to education and job resources, housing accommodations, physical safety, and more so all people living abroad in the U.S. can pursue their American Dream.

Removing cultural barriers

Thirty-one percent of respondents cite cultural barriers, such as learning the local language, as the biggest challenge they face, followed by immigration regulation (24%) and access to services like medical and transportation (16%).

Arrived works as a hub for immigration resources,  providing the latest immigration news and education on the deportation process.

They offer English lessons, answer popular queries like “how to write a resume,” offers a map with every NGO, law clinic and sanctuary city in the U.S., and provides a news feed analyzing the latest legislative proposals and actions coming out of the Capitol, helping separate fact from fiction.

Learning a new language

To break down language barriers, Facebook messenger bot Tarjimly connects a community of 2,000 volunteer translators with people anonymously and in real-time.

Memrise, an up-and-coming app for new language learners, offers 200+ language combinations and real-life language skills with over 20,000 native speaker videos.

Calling a new place home

Airbnb’s Open Homes initiative works with local resettlement agencies and participating hosts to offer temporary housing to immigrants and refugees who have recently left their homes due to disasters, conflict, or illness.

For those concerned about safety or police confrontations, Cell 411 allows you to alert close friends and family at the tap of a button so you can feel a sense of security in a time of need.

Finding employment

Thirty-five percent of our survey respondents cited better access to jobs as one of the most achievable aspects of the American Dream.

Upwardly Global helps work-authorized immigrants, refugees, asylees, and Special Immigrant Visa holders (SIVs) restart their professional careers in the U.S.

Their online Job Search Program prepares anyone to adapt their skills, education, and previous career into the American workforce, and to demonstrate the value of their experience to employers.