The USD exchange rate can make a huge difference when you want more money to make it home.

Banks, remittance, and money transfer companies offer varying rates. Many times banks and traditional remittance providers offer lower exchange rates which mean less money will make it to your recipient.  It’s important to research what the official exchange rate is then compare and look at the exchange rates offered by each money transfer company to pick the highest exchange rate per dollar  It’s also important to make sure you look at the fees associated with each company to see which rate and fee gets the most money to your loved ones.

Click on the links below to see some of today’s USD exchange rates with Remitly:

Use the country selector at the top of the page to see the exchange rates and fees for different locations.

You’ll see why Remitly was named one of the best ways to send money when you take advantage of these incredible exchange rates and low -to-no transfer fees so that more money makes it home for each dollar you send.

Remitly also has thousands of cash pickup locations across the world you can check out here. You can also make direct deposits into any major bank and most rural banks in your recipients’ country so your money gets to your loved ones in the most convenient way.

Okay, Remitly does offer a great USD exchange rate. So now how do I send money?

Sending money with Remitly is easy. Here’s how.

Are there any other fees to send money with Remitly?

It depends on where you are sending money and how fast you need it to arrive. Visit our rates and fees page here and be sure to select the country you wish to send money to.

If I send in US Dollars, what currency will my recipient receive?

It depends on where you are sending money. In some countries like Mexico and Colombia, you can choose to send money in that country’s local currency. For countries like the Philippines, you can send in either Philippine Peso or USD. And in countries like El Salvador, you can only send in USD. To learn more about what currency your recipient can receive visit our FAQ page for the country you wish to send money to here.

And if this is the first time you send money with Remitly, you’ll get a special promotional rate for new customers. Sign up now!