Thank you for making us better

When we launched Remitly in 2011, we had a vision – to transform the lives of immigrants and their families by providing the most trusted financial services on the planet. We got our start helping people in the United States send money to their loved ones in the Philippines. Since then, we have served over 1 million customers.

Today, we’re sharing the news about our dramatic expansion to nearly 600 send-to-receive corridors. We also recently launched new service enhancements that make the process of sending money internationally faster, easier, more transparent, and less costly for immigrant communities around the world.

Our rapid growth and enhanced new services would not be possible without feedback from our amazing customers. Every day, we receive feedback from customers who remind us why our work is so important. Many of you have shared the need for more choices on how you send money and how your recipients receive it, and we’re listening. 

We continue to work tirelessly to strengthen our global payments platform so that we can make our services flexible and more affordable for you. Because of your valuable feedback, we now offer a new variety of options:

  • Increased Global Reach. Customers can now send money to a wide range of destinations across Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South America. Click here to see and select a send-to-receive payment corridor.
  • More Delivery Options. Remitly lets customers choose how they want money delivered to their recipients. Senders can fund transfers with their bank account or card payment and allow recipients to receive funds directly in their bank account or at a cash pickup location. We’ve also recently added more delivery options in select countries, such as mobile wallets like M-Pesa and home delivery.
  • Dual Currency. Remitly has unlocked the ability for customers to send money in the currency their loved ones need. Once a customer funds a transfer, the money they sent can be picked up in the recipient’s country in USD or local currency. This option is available at cash pickup locations, select bank accounts, or through home delivery.
  • Speed Options. Remitly gives customers the power to send money within minutes with our Express option. Customers also have the option to get a better rate with Remitly’s Economy option, and money can arrive within three business days.

These custom choices are all backed by Remitly’s Perfect Delivery Promise: an exact date and time that you and your recipient can expect your money to arrive. Once the Perfect Delivery Promise is provided to you, Remitly tracks the movement of funds as they approach the destination and updates you each step of the way.

Remitly Triples Global Coverage
Our Perfect Delivery Promise helps you know
when your loved ones will receive your money.

We’re thankful for the many partners and customers who have provided feedback so that we can continue improving our services. We’re committed to transforming the lives of immigrant communities and their families around the world, and we are excited to continue our work to better support your unique needs by providing the best and most flexible options to send and receive money worldwide.   

We’d love to hear from you. If you’re interested in providing feedback or sharing your story, please share it in the comments below.