When you were young, she protected you. As you grew, she cheered you on. Now, her friendship gives you strength. She has always been your greatest supporter.

This Mother’s Day we wanted to learn more about our customers’ mothers and our customers who are mothers. We surveyed thousands of customers and this is what we found:

  • Over 20% of moms working outside of the Philippines have not seen their children for over 3 years and 43% haven’t seen their children in over 1 year
  • They send money to their children in the Philippines to pay for the below costs:
    • Education: 45%
    • Housing/Shelter: 39%
    • Food: 47%
    • Household needs/supplies: 39%
    • Financially support the caregivers caring for their children: 23%
    • All of the above: 62%

Also, 92% of respondents had parents who worked overseas themselves and provided financially for them while they were young. One customer told us, the financial support from her parents who worked overseas greatly impacted their life, and helped her graduate so she could have a bright future.

Remitly is more than just a way to send money abroad – it’s a commitment to help you deliver on your promises. You have come a long way through your experiences together. With Remitly, you can celebrate your mom, even from far away.

For a limited time, when you send with Remitly for the first time, new customers get a special offer. Check out our Mother’s Day offer here.

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Remitly!

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