Remitly is always thinking of ways to improve your experience when you send money to your loved ones. That’s why we’ve selected incredible partners and coverage all over the world. And that’s why we’ve also made sending money to Elektra incredibly simple.

Why should you send money to Elektra with Remitly?

send or transfer money online to Elektra with Remitly

With Remitly it’s super easy to send money at any time from any place using your our app or website. We offer excellent exchange rates so that your loved ones get more pesos for every dollar.

And when you use Remitly for the first time to send money to Mexico, you will receive a special exchange rate. Plus, sending with us is FREE on transfers over $500! Yes, every single time you send. You can read more about this on our page about sending money to Mexico.

And Elektra is also a great place to send money to since it has over 1,700 locations in Mexico where your family and friends can pick up cash at the most convenient location for them. These locations are open 9 AM to 9 PM every day of the year, including Saturdays and Sundays.

How to send money to Elektra in 4-easy steps

  1. Sign in (or create an account) then select the country you wish to send money to.
  2. Add the amount of money you wish to send then choose the speed of your transfer.
    • Express: your money will be transferred immediately
    • Economy: your money will take about 3 business days to transfer.
  3. Select Cash pickup as your delivery option then select Elektra as your cash pickup option.
  4. Enter your recipient’s name and information and enter your bank account information. Review your transfer summary details for accuracy and push send!

And you’re set!

Sending money to Elektra in Mexico with Remitly really is that simple! You no longer have to deal with high fees or long waits when you need to get your money home.

Are you ready to send yet? Go to and try it out now!

Need to send money to a different payout location? Remitly has over 20,000 banks and cash pick up partners across Mexico including Banorte, Intermex, BBVA, Banamex, and Walmart. You can see a list of all of our partners in Mexico here.