Is sending money to Tunisia on your to-do list? You’re far from alone. Tunisians living in countries across the world make vast amounts in remittances every year. According to the most recent data released by the World Bank, the equivalent of over $2 billion in international money transfers was sent to Tunisia in 2019. Not only do such remittances directly help the loved ones of Tunisians working abroad, but they have also hugely contributed to the growth of the country’s economy.

Here at Remitly, we’re proud to provide a convenient way for Tunisians around the globe to send funds back home, with fair exchange rates and a transparent fee structure guaranteed. What’s more, your friends and family members are able to pick up their dinars in cash at many locations in Tunisia. If you’d like to have the money ready and waiting for your recipient at a branch of Banque Zitouna, read on for our guide to making it happen with Remitly.

Send Money to Banque Zitouna in Tunisia in 5 Easy Steps

All set to send dinars to your loved one in Tunisia? Here are the simple steps for making your international money transfer right away.

  1. For first-time users, download the Remitly app and create an account. Then select Tunisia as your destination country.
  2. Enter the amount you wish to send.
  3. Choose Banque Zitouna as your cash pickup option.
  4. Enter your recipient’s details and location.
  5. Enter your payment details.

That’s all there is to it. After checking over the details to ensure they’re all correct, you can go ahead with the TND transfer. We may ask for additional documentation depending on the amount sent or if we are unable to verify your identity. For complete transparency, you can also choose to have your recipient kept informed on the status of the transfer through SMS updates, so they’ll know when they can receive dinars at the pickup point.

Why Should I Use Remitly to Send Money to Banque Zitouna?

Whether you’re transferring over a monetary gift to a friend, or providing essential support for family members, sending money to Tunisia should be an easy and cost-effective process every single time. The Remitly app offers convenience, and allows Tunisians to take advantage of great exchange rates and clearly set-out fees. We guarantee 100% satisfaction or we’ll refund your fees.

How Quickly Will My Money Arrive at Banque Zitouna?

Need your dinars remittance to get to your recipient as quickly as possible? When you’re in a hurry, choose Remitly’s Express option and pay using your debit or credit card and the money will be in your loved one’s bank account fast. If you’re looking for more value and the transfer isn’t urgent, choose Economy and pay with your bank account.

How Much Money Can I Send to Banque Zitouna with Remitly?

With Remitly, you can send dinars in large or small amounts, whenever you need to. We also make your security our priority, and adhere to international regulations on remittances. This is why Remitly does have sending limits for our members. By providing the minimum details to verify your identity, you’ll be able to send up to these maximum amounts (as of this writing):

  • US$2,999/€5,000/AUD$2,999/£5,000 within 24 hours
  • US$10,000/€15,000/AUD$10,000/£15,000 within 30 days
  • US$18,000/€50,000/AUD$18,000/£50,000 within 180 days

Additional sending limits may apply depending upon your choice of payout partner or receiving location. Looking to transfer more dinars to Tunisia? You can request a sending limit increase through the app or website 24 hours after you sign up for Remitly. There’s no cost to increase your sending limit or submit a request. However, we may not be able to adjust your maximum transfer limit accordingly.

Is it Safe to Send Money to Banque Zitouna with Remitly?

When you send TND with Remitly, you’ll want to be certain your personal details and your money are safe. Remitly uses multiple levels of security so you can send money home with peace of mind. Your personal data is protected 24 hours a day through fraud monitoring and encryption. We can provide real-time transfer updates  with every remittance, so you can track your transfer every step of the way.

More about Banque Zitouna

The founding of Banque Zitouna in 2009 was a landmark moment in the history of Tunisia, as it was the first Islamic bank to operate in the country. It has evolved rapidly since then, with 160 branches now operating.

The bank plays an active part in enterprise within Tunisia. For example, it recently forged a partnership with, an online portal that streamlines the process of purchasing new and used vehicles in the country. Thanks to its partnership with Remitly, the bank also makes it easy for Tunisians to collect dinars provided by their loved ones all over the globe.

About Remitly

You may have moved away from Tunisia, but thanks to the Remitly app and website, you can continue to play an active role in the lives of your friends and family members back in your home country. Millions of people rely on us for quick, secure remittance payments, and you can see for yourself just how easy our service is by downloading the app or visiting

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